Review—Apocalypse: Shadow Asylum

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If you do not learn from your mistakes in the past they can haunt you in the future.

Ancient betrayal coming back in modern times is the theme of this fast-paced thriller Apocalypse: Shadow Asylum.

Guyanese-born author Sandy King combines romance with mystery and suspense in her new upcoming novel. Beginning in 1735 in Greenwich Village, New York, she takes the reader to simpler laid back days of love, work and play. All of this suddenly changes when betrayal and deceit visit two couples Jessica and Nick. Jessica’s spirit becomes reincarnated into Rebecca 250 years later; Rebecca betrays her best friend Shimla by having an affair with her husband, John, a wealthy neurosurgeon.

There’s not a dull moment in this novel. As you turn the pages unexpected events unfold in the lives of the major characters. Each page leaves you hungry for what’s next while you are totally engaged in the lives of Shimla, Rebecca and John. For a little spice in your life, with intrigue, seduction and entertained; this is a must-read.

Sandy King takes us into the world of spirits, reincarnation and exorcism. Melded from the ingredients of her half-Hindu and half-Christian background, she entices you with mystical suspense as well as romance. Be careful if you are reading this book on the train because you can easily miss your stop—I speak from personal experience.

King combines the lives of modern day characters with the colonial era—an approach rarely attempted in these types of novels. If you enjoy this novel as much as I did, then stayed tuned for her next book: The Devil of Fifth Avenue. Her next book continues the saga of these unpredictable characters, with new individuals to entice your thriller palate.

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