Texas: “March For Our Dignity” In Support Of Haitian Immigrants Taking Place Thursday

call for an immediate halt to government-sponsored abuse of Haitian migrants in Del Rio
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This Thursday, human rights advocates in El Paso will hold the “March for Our Dignity: Supporting Haitian Asylum Seekers and Demanding Accountability for Border Patrol Aggression”, which will call for an immediate halt to government-sponsored abuse of Haitian migrants in Del Rio, as well as all immigrants, asylum seekers, refugees, and border communities.

The march will culminate in a public press conference on the violation of asylum seekers' rights and the continued militarization of the border.

“The abuse we are witnessing right now against Haitian asylum seekers in Del Rio is abhorrent," said Fernando Garcia executive director BNHR. "The images of Border Patrol officers on horseback chasing and whipping Black Haitians looking for safety following a devastating earthquake and political crisis in Haiti clearly demonstrates the direct linkage between our modern policing institutions and slave patrols, and is a condemnation of the U.S. continued investment in the militarization of our southern border which has enabled such violence against primarily Black and Brown migrants and families.”

“Seeking asylum is a legal right, and the Biden administration is violating that right by deporting Haitian asylum seekers en masse without due process," said Garcia. "We demand that President Biden and Secretary Mayorkas conduct an investigation into the events in Del Rio against Haitian migrants, and hold Border Patrol and all involved parties accountable. Additionally, we call on Congress to ensure these horrors at our border never happen again by enacting legislation on Border Patrol accountability to stop abuses and protect the rights of all migrants, regardless of their race or country of origin.”

Organizations taking part in the march will be from: Border Network for Human Rights (BNHR), Reform Immigration for Texas Alliance (RITA), Border Agricultural Workers Center, Proyecto Mujeres Fronterizas, and other allies.

Speakers will include:

The march will take place this Thursday, September 23, 2021 at 11 a.m.-12:30 p.m. MT at the following locations in El Paso, Texas:

The event will also be live-streamed to the BNHR Facebook page at @BorderNetworkForHumanRights.

To learn more about BNHR, please visit https://bnhr.org/

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