When Arrested Robert Durst, "The Jinx" Subject, Had Ticket To Cuba; Spotted By HBO Viewer

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Robert Durst


Robert Durst had an airline ticket to Cuba and about $100,000 in cash when he was arrested in a New Orleans hotel room, after an HBO viewer recognized him, Black Star News has learned.

Durst also had two guns when he was arrested in New Orleans. It's quite possible he may have stayed too long, wanting to watch the final episode Sunday of The Jinx, the six-part documentary by filmmaker Andrew Jarecki that aired on HBO.

The spokesperson handling press inquiries about the Durst matter at the State Police Troop B, Melissa Matey, wasn't available today and also didn't respond to a message.

Durst faces charges in Los Angeles for the 2000 murder of his friend Susan Berman.

He was acquitted of the 2001 killing and dismembering an elderly neighbor, Morris Black, in Galveston, Texas, after he argued self defense.

When contacted by The Black Star News, Durst's lawyer Dick De Guerin, said of his client, "He didn't kill Susan Berman and doesn't know who did."

When asked about the ticket to Cuba, the two guns and the cash, the phone connection suddenly died. De Guerin subsequently didn't return a phone message; he also didn't respond to questions sent via e-mail message.
(De Guerin did later send an e-mail message response that stated: "Wrong.")

Durst had lived under a cloud of suspicion since his wife Kathleen disappeared without a trace in 1982.
Durst was arrested apparently after a New Orleans resident who had watched the first five episodes of The Jinx saw him, without disguise in town and called the authorities.

His wealth is estimated at $100 million. His family's Durst real estate empire is valued at $4 billion.

Durst is estranged from his family. 



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