'Writing Wrongs: My Political Journey in Black and Write,' New Book By Black Republican, Jackson

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Raynard Jackson


Washington insider and political consultant Raynard Jackson has been a trusted voice and thought leader to the Republican Party for over 25 years. As a syndicated columnist to over 200 newspapers, Jackson has compiled his insights into his first book, “Writing Wrongs: My Political Journey in Black and Write.”

“As a Republican, my goal is not to convince my readers to agree with me, but rather to get them to be willing to think a 'new; thought.  You may disagree with my conclusions, but you can’t disagree with my facts.  As long as you are willing to leave your comfort zone and have your views challenged; then my goal has been accomplished,” he says.

Jackson has cultivated a diverse cadre of influential readers over the years. “I have known Raynard for almost two decades and am flattered that he asked me to write the introduction to the Politics section of his book. As Senate Majority Leader, I often sought him out for his advice and guidance on various pieces of legislation, as well as on political issues.  Other times he sought me out and gave me his thoughts whether I asked or not,” says Trent Lott, former Majority Leader of the United States Senate.

“I couldn't see the world more differently than Raynard does, but I am so glad his voice exists!! Fight on and stay true to your beliefs.  I know you fight for the right and I for the left.  Maybe one day we'll meet in the middle” adds  D.L. Hughley, Comedian, Actor, Syndicated Radio Host.

Raynard is the kind of guy you want on your side in Washington, D.C.  He doesn’t pull punches and he gives it to you straight.  You may not always agree with what he has to say but you always know where he stands; he’s the real deal,” notes Reince Priebus, Chairman, Republican National Committee.

“Raynard is a dear friend and I love reading his columns.  He presents a unique viewpoint that cannot be found anywhere else.  This unique voice is music to my ears!” Sophia Yao, crowned Miss China International (USA) & Miss Photogenic, 1995, says.

“I value Raynard’s friendship and his diverse and differing views. He may view me as a mentor, but I have learned much from him,” says Ambassador Eric M. Javits, (retired), former Ambassador and Permanent U.S. Representative to the Conference on Disarmament in Geneva.

Jackson is President and CEO of Raynard Jackson & Associates, LLC--a government/public relations and political consulting firm in Washington, D.C.

His book, “Writing Wrongs: My Political Journey in Black and Write” is a 472 page read that covers “Poetry,” “Culture,” “Sports,” “Politics, “Africa,” “Homosexuality,” “Black Republicans,” and “President Obama & Blacks”.

Writing Wrongs: My Political Journey in Black and Write” is published by True Perspective Publishing House in hard cover and is on sale exclusively through his website www.raynardjackson.com



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