Book: "Another Fine Mess: America, Uganda, and the War on Terror," Is an Excellent Expose Of Dictator Museveni

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Helen Epstein discusses the bloodshed and destruction caused by U.S.-ally Gen. Museveni in the Great Lakes region. Photo: YouTube

Ugandan brutal dictator and the Great Lakes' chief warmonger and destabilizer, Gen. Yoweri Museveni, has been stripped naked in a new powerful book, titled "Another Fine Mess: America, Uganda, and the War on Terror," written by Helen Epstein, an American medical scientist, author, and professor of human rights at Bard College. 
Prof. Epstein has also discussed the book on several programs.
According to a review written by Kevin J. Kelley in the East African newspaper,  Epstein's hard-hitting book, which has been winning favorable reviews across the globe, depicts Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni "as a repressive ruler responsible for much of the chaos that has shaken East Africa since he took power more than 30 years ago."
Gen. Museveni's 32 years corrupt and undemocratic rule in Uganda, his gross and reckless human rights violations, as well as his exploitative rampaging and militaristic war-mongering across the Great Lakes region are laid bare by Helen Epstein for all to see, in her thoroughly documented book that includes interviews with former top U.S. officials.  She also points a finger at leading Western powers, in particular the U.S., for making it happen. Gen. Museveni couldn't have achieved and sustained his notorious transgressions in Uganda, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Rwanda and South Sudan for this long without the support of these outside powers. The U.S. for example trains the dictator's army, equips it with weapons, and support the regime with over $1 billion in assistance.  In the words of Kevin J. Kelley the reviewer, Epstein's book chronicles how "successive US presidents have either enabled or ignored the Ugandan ruler’s actions because he has proved to be an effective ally in Washington's war against radical Islam in Africa."
Most Ugandans and friends of Uganda welcome Epstein's gripping and well-researched work, given the near-absence of such informed and insightful records of Museveni's incredibly horrifying repression and political machinations in existing studies and media representations of contemporary Africa. 
Free Uganda (FU) views Professor Epstein's well-written and presented investigation of the Ugandan condition under the Museveni dictatorship as a long-overdue factual recording of contemporary history; it will enrich the global understanding of not only the Ugandan but also the African experience of the workings of increasingly destructive despotic hegemonies.
In welcoming Epstein's excellent book, Free Uganda strongly advises those who have not yet read this book to rush and buy a copy. It is a unique and well-argued account of Uganda under the Museveni dictatorship. It is also an unquestionable contribution to the global struggles for the freedom of all humanity by being well informed.
The book can be bought via Amazon, but it can also be electronically purchased via on-line reading apps such as kindle.
Ugandan bookshops won't regret stocking this excellent book for Ugandans to read. It's worth-noting that Amazon bulk shipping to Africa is much cheaper than when one buys individual copies, so it might be advisable for the book to be ordered for group circulation where possible.
Dr. Vincent Magombe, 
Secretary Free Uganda (FU) Leadership Committee,
Press Secretary FU  

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