Join the Party: Be a Humanitarian

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“I’m a Pepper,
You’re a Pepper,
She’s a Pepper,
We’re a Pepper…
Wouldn’t you like to be a Pepper, too?
Be a Pepper – drink Dr. Pepper!”
So went the famous Dr. Pepper TV commercial jingle from the late 1970’s. I was 10 years old when singer/actor David Naughton first sang that infectious hook. The fact that I vividly recall it all these years later is testament of its effectiveness. But what if we expanded upon that jingle? What if we replaced the word Pepper with the word humanitarian? Marinate on that for a bit. Let it sink it.
Liberals think conservatives are wrong. Conservatives think liberals are crazy. Draw. Republicans consider Democrats tax-and-spenders. Democrats consider Republicans misers. Standoff. Those on the left want those on the right to be more inclusive. Those on the right want those on the left to be less naïve. Impasse. Before long, the adults on both sides of the political aisle in America began acting like children. The thinkers on both the left and the right stopped thinking and started screaming, pointing fingers, and throwing insults at each other. Wise Republicans and smart Democrats actually began to act foolishly either unintentionally or deliberately. Gridlock. In all these ways, the peoples’ champs became the peoples’ chumps. Meanwhile, America’s burning issues went from small fires here and there to outright conflagrations. 
For the next 3-4 minutes, allow me to temporarily suspend our political terms/labels. For that small window of time, forget about liberals and conservatives. There are no Republicans and no Democrats. Set aside the left and the right. For the next 3-4 minutes, there is only one party. That party is the Humanitarian Party. All 7.5 billion people on planet earth are card-carrying members – and membership has its privileges.
What if your ability to wake up tomorrow morning depended directly on your words and actions today? What if the kindness shown to you was commensurate to the kindness you showed to others? What if your ability to take care of yourself and your family was tied into your neighbors’ ability to do the same? Do I have your attention now?
What if my primary purpose in life was to allow God to use me as a blessing to others? If that were true, then I would be duly-bound to help to clothe the naked, to feed the hungry, to be a friend to the friendless, and to be of support of those who were sick or otherwise in need. I could not turn away from those who are incarcerated. I could not ignore my brothers and sisters who happened to be homeless because I would know that he or she could easily be me. Remember "do unto others as you would have them do unto you?" Words to live by.
Ladies and gentlemen, we are all the least of these. Every single one of us has needed someone else’s help at some point for some reason. None of us are self-made. If you doubt that, try going 48 hours without bathing or using deodorant. Believe me, you’ll draw flies every bit as quickly as anyone else – regardless of your address, occupation, socioeconomic status, or last name. We are all equal. We are all the same. With those things in mind, what if your primary purpose in life was to allow God to use you as a blessing to others? If that were the case, would you answer His call? Would you rise to the challenge?
Would you be a Humanitarian? Could you? 
Since we’re blessed to live in such a wonderful nation, wouldn’t you want all Americans able to work and earn a living wage which would enable them to live with dignity? When people can pay their bills, pay their taxes, and have access to healthcare for themselves and their family members, families prosper. Crime rates plummet. Those things are great for neighborhoods, cities, states, and for the country. 
Humanitarians know our children are the future. They are our political leaders, the captains of industry, the educators, the medical personnel, and the first responders of tomorrow. How will they get there then if we don’t help them now? No true humanitarian could tolerate the fact that 17 million American children struggle with hunger. No individual attempting to live up the noble title of humanitarian could ever justify slashing educational budgets in states throughout the US. 
Christ Jesus was the greatest humanitarian of all. His shining example is ours to follow.
Are you in the Humanitarian Party, friend? What I’m proposing to you today is existential, not political. Deceive or believe, bleed or succeed – we’ll do it together.
“I’m a human,
You’re a human,
She’s a human,
We’re all human…
Wouldn’t you like to be a human, too?”
You already are. So please be that which only you can be – every day and in every way. Be a humanitarian. Join our party. There's plenty of room for you with us.

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