My View On Immigration: We Must Share These Ill-gotten Gains

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Mitt Romney's solution was "self deportation." He said it with straight face


Immigration is a hot-button topic these days and there are many people dead set against allowing anyone else into this country.The position of the opponents are: We will not share the American Dream. As if it was theirs and theirs alone. 
How can any American feel this way since almost all of us are immigrants here?

The indigenous people, the American Indians, called "savages," to justify their conquest, have been mostly wiped out by trickery and criminal actions against them including just plain mass murder. They have been lied to, set up, made to make their mark on papers they couldn’t read and then later told it wasn’t their "X" on the documents.

If they tried to stand their ground, the Army was sent in. Men, women and children were often killed.

Indians were given bad meat, diseased blankets and bad whisky. If there was an Indian who managed to show up at the courthouse with his documents, his body would soon be found somewhere nearby without the documents; usually before sunset or even before noon.

This is how we “Americans” have come to own this land. So I wonder who the real "savages" are and have been. 
Manhattan was purchased for about $24 worth of trinkets. How much land could have been gotten for $1,000 or $2,000 worth of trinkets? Then there would have been no need I think about "savaging" the Indians. The deal for Manhattan seemed to have gone okay with no indigenous people complaining as far as I know.

Now a lot of us immigrants today have the arrogance to climb up on our high horses and be against children born here of immigrant parents. These kids are not staying here, many are saying, even though they were born in the hospital just down the street.

The only language they speak may well be English which they perfected starting in Kindergarten in the school two blocks over. Deport them, send them to some other country people cry, pounding their fists on their desks -- desks probably sold to them from the local furniture store by one of the children’s parents who might even be the ones who own the store.

Where do these people get so much gall? Some decent people probably think God would strike them dead if they had the nerve to take such a position as this. But obviously, lots of people know they will not be struck dead. It is they who intend to strike dead anyone caught trying to share in the Dream.Too many “wetbacks” already here, or "over my dead body" they say.

The proposed solutions? Turn the voltage up on the fences or get  more border guards with more powerful weapons. And give them higher capacity clips.  "Kill’em all" is the motto.

This is our land and the rest of you can all go straight to hell.

Yet, although they won’t say it out loud, the people denying others an opportunity for the dream have tricked, killed and murdered for this land.




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