On ISIS Many Obama Critics Don't Analyze The Facts

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President Obama -- dealing with needs on ground, war weary nation, and Republican hawks


Critics who can't analyze facts or connect the dots are allowed limitless time on broadcast media to attacks President Obama's foreign policy strategy without rebuttal.

In a recent episode of the Disrespect Obama Saga, one Lt. Colonel Robert Maginnis, as CNN has reported, accused the President of not having the “testicular fortitude” to take on ISIL in Syria.

First of all, in his Editorial, Maginnis has prognosticated about issues above his rank! After all, Mr. Maginnis is a not even a full bird Colonel and yet he wants to criticize decisions made by the Commander of the United States of America Armed Forces. 

Either the President’s superior assessment strategy is certainly above this gentleman’s, like so many Obama critics, assessment of complex thinking or their gray matter suffers from cognitive dissonance.  At a time when Americans are war weary and President Obama carefully assesses situations, war hawks would have the nation engaged in conflicts in Pakistan, North Korea, Somalia, Libya, and Ukraine and on a collision course with Russia; not to mention Iraq and Syria.

Thus, 21st Century strategic thinking may very well be a problem for 20th Century fossils still perambulating as pedestrians while Mr. Obama is exercising post jet-age thinking strategy speed consonant with his responsibilities as President of the United States and commander of the Armed forces.

It is interesting to hear commentators, pundits, talking heads weigh in on the President’s response to this or that issue as it surfaces in the general public.  These experts pontificate on the President’s action or inaction as if they are observing his behavior, body movements and thinking from their first row position in the Situation Room or any White House locations where such matters are discussed and decisions arrived at.

Riding on Delta Airlines a sign read, “America Invented Aviation.” It also invented the movies; so, analogies using movies or video images are not inappropriate. At Ronald Reagan’s inauguration ceremony festivities, as Ray Charles sang “America the Beautiful” and the camera drew-back, the singer seemed in a “pit” singing and Reagan in a throne pedestal near the clouds” in that building. From this lofty position the great one seemed to make his decisions and it is also possible where he also took a nap.

In Steven Segal’s movie Under Siege I about the seizure of the battleship Missouri, commander Rybeck communicated with a room full of top military brass and high ranking civilians where such matters are handled. In Air Force One with Harrison Ford a similar situation is referenced, Thus, these expert commentators seem seated in such locations and importantly portray those proceeding to the public stating the President has not done this or that and give their short-sighted reasons for such. Republican opponents of the President are no different as they seek to make pea-size inroads to his thinking factory.

Even an expert like General Wesley Clarke, former Supreme Allied NATO Commander, vacillating in his comments as to what the President did and did not do when it came to surveillance over Syria against ISIL: “We want to get more updated information to add to what we have about ISIL command centers, military displacements, training camps, convoys, etc., to be ready for any bombardment.”

Again, in case of the newly released journalist Curtis, in his first comments expressed thanks “For all that was done to secure my release.” Though America does not negotiate with terrorists, it is not-inconceivable to think they were out of the loop in negotiations especially if there is plausible deniability. Equally, the flawless though unsuccessful mission to rescue Foley and the other hostages proves there is movement even if the prognosticating souls are not privy to it. We must not forget, during the Civil Rights Movement protests, many said the FBI was just standing and doing nothing or simply taking notes. No, they were observing and recording events, seemingly preserving names, images and events for later history, as many later convictions have proven.

Republicans who never saw an Obama measure they could like punted on every Obama effort of authentication of anti-Assad policies.  The War Hawks like John McCain and his squadron who wanted to arm the rebels in Kosovo also advocated arming the rebels in Syria. Credible commentators argued the Syrians would have caved as did Iraqi soldiers as in wake of ISIL’s advances.

President Eisenhower laid down the rule, “The strength of American domestic policy is the foundation of its foreign policy.” George Bush’s failed financial and economic policies; auto industry and Wall Street near collapse; high unemployment; rampant outsourcing of jobs and businesses; infrastructure disrepair; all reflected his failed foreign policies; failure in Iraq and Afghanistan and failure in the world’s perception of America.

On the other hand, Mr. Obama’s response to the auto industry against Republican protestations; bank bailout and wall street rescue; shovel ready strategies and business incentives to lower unemployment; holding the line against firing first responders; Lilly Ledbetter and encouraging mothers to return to college; bolstering community colleges roles in technical training for jobs for the future; incentives for more efficient energy sources; emission reduction and better gas mileage for cars;  inroads into the immigration debacle, credit card and student loan rate reduction and more.

All were accomplished  despite the “Party of No” obstructionism on foreign policy front, repairing America’s perceived image abroad; managing the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and the Somali pirates; meeting the challenges of Cody’s Army of God and Boko Harum; silencing the upstart  Kim Il Jong. All this, Mr. Obama was able to accomplish despite Congressional Republican and media obstructionism that gave openings to the likes of America’s enemies.

Some commentators have argued the Arab-Israeli conflict is 1000 years in the making. The war on America did not begin in January 2009 and will continue long after Mr. Obama’s journey is completed. Given all the players’ pros and cons, above and below, even between the lines, he has done a damn good job. His successes, however, are not a single individual’s doing. More importantly, when decisions are arrived at, as in the famous Delta Six Mission against Osama bin-Laden picture image with his 1000 yard stare, Mr. Obama is surrounded by and aided by the best advisory aids, military and civilians. This is particularly evident when insiders share information about the President that he is “frightening well prepared on all issues/. Mr. Obama’s opponents want him to share his strategies and decisions with them before he implements such. Then they block such moves or loud-mouthed comment on his plans alerting foreign adversaries. Strange that individuals such as Maginnis cannot see Obama’s forest for the trees strategies though his supporters believe he may be the last great president.

Despite what many consider the treasonous intent to nullify and obstruct his initiatives and policies the list of positive successful presidential action is a matter of record.  The hatred many people harbor for this first African American President despite this, his record as President during arguably the most complex and the most difficult years of any president, his record is credible and worthy of respect.

Mr. Obama’s intellectual autonomy and personal integrity are inimical to the negative images and stereotypes of an African male in the most powerful office of this nation and therein is the cause of the Cognitive Dissonance regarding all his professional and personal activities.



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