Texas Republicans Push Big Government Abortion Bill Targeting Roe V. Wade

 flagrant hypocrisy with the anti-abortion bill that Texas Republicans have just made law.
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Republicans have just given us another opportunity to see and bear witness to their flagrant hypocrisy with the anti-abortion bill that Texas Republicans have just made law.

This legislation is clearly meant as a new Republican template to overthrow Roe v Wade. And with legal assistance by the conservative activist judges on the not so Supreme Court, including the three that Trump appointed, we will soon seem similar legislation in other Republican states.

For decades, Republicans have told us that they are champions of “small government” and defenders of personal liberty. Once again, we see the intellectual dishonesty of these folks on the abortion issue.

Right now, we are still suffering from the effects of Covid, with the Delta variant. Many of the Republicans who are pushing these anti-abortion bills are the same ones who are adamantly against taking Covid vaccines–or even wearing a mask to protect others. In doing so, these folks complaint they should have control over their own bodies, not the government.

See the irony and contradiction here?

Republicans, and conservatives, apparently only care about respect for their bodies, especially, the bodies of white men. For while they rail against Covid vaccination and mask-wearing, they are perfectly fine with telling women that the state should have ultimately say over–and control of–their bodies.

Republicans like to claim they are pro-life. That is beyond bullshit.

How can one really be pro-life and support the death penalty? How can Republicans be pro-life when they ignore the millions of American children who are languishing, right now, in poverty? And if Republicans are so pro-life why don’t they speak out about the pandemic of police abuse and murder of Black Americans?

Republicans have pushed agendas that have helped to make America the world’s leader in imprisoning people– sadly, for far too long with the help of some Democrats.

In the end, the Republican stance on abortion tells us several things, including this: Republicans believe in big government when it comes to controlling the bodies of people.

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