Why We Sit for Sensible Gun Laws

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Congressman Charles B. Rangel who represents the 13th Congressional District of New York that includes Upper Manhattan and parts of the Bronx, released the following statement in support of sit-in organized by House Democrats to demand a vote on gun safety legislation.

I have marched, I have sat-in, I have been involved in all types of demonstrations but I have never felt more proud to see my colleagues of the Democratic Party actually say that this government is going to stop until there is a response from the Republican leadership. I am proud that we are saying enough is enough; we are not going to take a break; we are not going to go home unless a bill comes to this floor to control the violent use of guns.

When I marched from Selma to Montgomery I didn’t have the spirit that some of my Southern brothers and sisters had. I just thought that this was going to be another in-vain demonstration, but my God, people came from all over the country to join with us and the civil rights and voting rights came to be a part of that.

Talking about it is not going to resolve the problem. We have to be prepared to, as John Lewis said, “Make some noise and shake the tree.” We cannot give up, we cannot give in. We have to find another way to do the right thing.

This is the beginning of a new era; it is the release of the Congress bound by old protocol reasoning and parliamentary procedure. Because something immoral is happening, as it happened with Blacks before the Civil Rights Movement. I am just so proud that before I leave Congress, I am prepared and I am willing to be part of the change.

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