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If a mob a White supremacist Trump supporters where about to lynch you, would you help them put the noose around your neck? By not voting today in 2016, that is exactly what you are doing. Staying home on election day is exactly what Trump, Pence, The KKK and your local Nazi chapter want you to: assist them in your lynching.  As police brutality runs rampant across the United States and Hillary Clinton proposed a serious plan to reforming policing nationally, is this really the time to stay home and not vote? With Trump and his evil band of toothless bigots on the ballot and storming the polls with pitchforks, how could you stay home?  Latino's nationwide are coming out to vote in numbers never seen before in American election history. Why? Because Donald Trump's minority voter intimidation strategy backfired with Latino's. Calling Mexicans "rapists" and "drug dealers" and promising to deport them if elected motivated the Latino and Hispanic communities go out and vote today. Their message is crystal clear. Don't mess with us.  So after Eric Garner, less African Americans plan to vote then in 2102? After riots in Ferguson, Baltimore, Chicago and the rise of Black Lives Matter nationally, the response of the African-American community is to vote less in 2016? The one block of votes Trump fears most is the African-American vote. The votes and numbers that sent both John McCain and Mitt Romney out to sea in 2008 and 2012. Numbers that terrified the five right wing stooges on the Supreme Court repealed the 1965 Voting Right Act in 2013, closing down 868 polling stations this election day, primarily in African American neighborhoods. Now with less voting booths and purged voter rolls, Trump's Nazi and KKK supporters are stationing armed intimidation squads in Black neighborhoods in several swing states today. Ask yourself, is this really a time to stay home? The day John Wilkes Booth decided to assassinate Abraham Lincoln was the day he heard the 16th President of the United States say that African-American deserved full rights as any American citizen, inducing the right to vote. 100 years later African- Americans were still fighting for the right to vote on the bridge in Selma, that dozens, including Martin Luther King Jr. and John Lewis were arrested and got their heads cracked in. It was the right to vote. Fast forward 50 years later and African-American voting numbers are less than in 2102. If Trump wins tonight, the last few years of police brutality and White backlash will look like children cartoon. It will escalate- big time.  Because Trump and his Nazi allies in the Klan will be emboldend, as all bullies are when they smell fear in the air and their targets are the run. Trump is public enemy number one and he must be toppled tonight. Don't sit on the sidelines this election day. Because tomorrow, if the lynch mob wins tonight, they will be coming for all of us in the coming months and years. 

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