GHOST PROTOCOL: CIA Goes Rouge On Incoming Trump Administration

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BLACK STAR NEWS' TOBY ROGERS EXCLUSIVE! Black Star News has learned that the Central Intelligence Agency of the United States of America is going "rouge" to combat a "clear threat to national security" and world stability; the incoming Donald Trump administration. Officials at the CIA are currently gearing up to fight Trump clandestinely and "operate in opposition to the office of the presidency, every step along the way." The covert action plans, which will be spearheaded by a "off grid" office of agents located outside of Langely and DC's orbit will sabotage the Trump "regime" with surveillance and leak damaging info to the media. They also have several Secret Service agents in the ranks that plan to "monitor Trump 24/7, in the United States and abroad," in order to "ensure the POTUS does not leak vital American intelligence" to other foreign leaders like Russian dictator Vladimir Putin, who Trump has"allied" with before taking office.  Intelligence officials at the CIA have been "significantly alarmed" at the prospect of a Trump presidency long before election day and now that it may actually occur, they are "acting accordingly."   "The CIA has a solemn duty to protect the American people form foreign and domestic threat, even if that threat is the President of the States," an CIA intelligence official told Black Star News.  The CIA is also sending out liaisons to the media to craft its anti-Trump messaging. Already, several "former" intelligence officials have appeared on National Public Radio and CNN.  For preview of what is come, "former" CIA deputy director, Philip Mudd let it rip yesterday evening on CNN regarding the Trump transition.  "I'm watching a clown show," Rudd said. “I want to see a transition from a campaign to reality, and I don’t see it yet.” “We transition now to a national security adviser in a political realm who argues that an opponent on the stump should be locked up in prison and who argues that a billion plus Muslims should be grouped together. And then we go on to argue that that individual’s son, who retweets fake news, should be given access to top secrets,” Rudd said. DEVELOPING..... 

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