Toni Morrison : Tell Bill Clinton He Never Was "Black President"

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Reader says Toni Morrison should withdraw the Clinton "Black" honorific

[To The Editor]

It is very helpful that Mr. Colin Benjamin forces us to rethink the legacy of the Clintons in "Bill Clinton Hopped Up On Whack.."

They have gotten away with many transgressions at home and abroad and few seem to notice. Without meaning to, Toni Morrison has contributed to this exalted view of Slick Willie by calling him a Black president.

She has never been challenged to clarify that statement or retract it. Black voters, despite the record of the Clinton years, are almost entirely enthralled by the Clinton mystique.

However, it is a mystique based on a grand delusion based on Ms. Morrison's imagination.

She could do Black America a great favor and reconsider her original evaluation. Perhaps then we would see the objective reality of the Clintons and what they represent.

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