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 Have anyone noticed that while the media telegraphs the anti-Trump marches must end, hate crimes on the rise across the nation since election day are virtually ignored? That is the media re-calibrating for Trump's presidency. The most egregious moment of this devolution occurred recently on CNN, when Anderson Cooper asked Van Jones why is it wrong for Trump to hire Steve Bannon- who harbors a genocidal hatred of Jews, women and every other minority in existence, "why shouldn't Donald Trump, who won the race, why shouldn't he be able have whatever adviser he wants with him?"  As Trump surrogates roll out WW2 Japanese-style- interment-camps on Fox News as "precedent( something George W. Bush never even proposed after the 9/11 attacks)"; as women, some as old as ten years old are sexually assaulted by White Trump voters; as Latino's, Gays, Asians, even people with disabilities are violently targeted by Trump's mob of Nazis in the streets, it is the time to rise up and fight back- as Malcolm X said "by any means necessary"- to prevent America from plunging into an unrecognizable fascist nation right before our eyes.  Unlike Occupy Wall Street, the Second American Revolution can not not fade away over time, but it must multiply in the coming weeks, months and years Trump is in power. If Trump had won the popular vote but lost the election due a handful of rural swing states, would Trump and his Alt-right army of toothless bigots just gone home to Trump Tower and their manure pits to overdose on moonshine?  Hell no.  Trump would tweet the "rigged" 2016 "election is a total sham and a travesty. We are not a democracy! Lets fight like hell and stop this great and disgusting injustice!  We can't let this happen. We should march on Washington and stop this travesty. The electoral college is a disaster for a democracy. We should have a revolution in this country!" Those exact words are what Donald Trump tweeted on election day 2012 when Barack Obama beat Mitt Romney in the popular vote and the electoral college. So Trump, our so-called "president elect," advocated Romney voters to storm Washington DC and spark a revolution after Romney lost both the vote and electoral college.   Those tweets strangely disappeared from Trump's twitter account a few days after losing the vote to Hillary Clinton in 2016 and replaced with "the Electoral College is actually genius." But the irony here is Trump actually gave us a road map to overthrow him. If Trump believed in violent revolution after losing both the vote and the electoral college in 2012, we must honor his wishes and topple his presidency before he takes office in January.  Between now and December 19, anti-Trump marches across the nation need to step it up big time to pressure our elected "electors" to vote for who won the majority of votes, Hillary Clinton. As Black Star News reported, Clinton is calling electors and "weighing her options" as protests continue to swell. If they cause enough chaos, their is still a chance to tip this towards Hillary Clinton, the true president of the American people.  The best target for AR2 to focus on is Black Friday(Nov. 25). Disrupt every Walmart, K-Mart and shopping mall in this country. Block shoppers from shopping, trash merchandise, tip cars over in the lot and scorch the very fabric of retail commerce. We have to disrupt the normal rhythms to make sure our electors hear the message loud and clear:  America will be ungovernable under Donald Trump. Clinton gave a wink to the anti-Trump movement last night. “No child should have to live with in fear. No child should be afraid to go to school because they’re Latino or African-American or Muslim or because they have disability. We should protect our children and help them love themselves and love others. Our children our worth it. Fight for our values and never give up.”  Fight and never give up. 

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