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 Within days of being declared the winner of the 2016  U.S presidential election, Donald Trump broke federal law. As owner of Trump Tower, the current president elect requested renowned New York real estate agency Douglas Elliman to send out an email with the subject: “Fifth Avenue Buyers Interested in Secret Service Protection?” along with an attached ad for a  $2.1 million, 1,052-square-foot condo for sale at the 721 Fifth Ave location. Trump personally developed Trump Tower himself in 1983, yet almost all the existing 263 units are individually owned. But the building is still managed by Trump Corporation, which collects a $2000 application processing fee, which includes a mandatory additional $250 for every adult planning to live in the unit.  Trump also manages the ground floor vendors, the parking garage and the bar.  Issuing an advertisement that includes the U.S. Secret Service offered as a private "amenity" is in direct violation of the 2012 STOCK Act.  The law passed in 2012 by the Republican controlled house states that “no executive branch employee may use their position as an executive branch employee as a means for making a private profit.” In other words, the POTUS and the VPOTUS along with any White House employee is bared from private profiteering while in service. Donald Trump currently falls into the category of being in the "executive branch" as president elect and reviving secret service protection.  Black Star News left messages for The United States Office of Government Eithics President Walter Shraub Jr., his "confidential assistant"  Matt Marinec and "media liaison" Vince Salamone for comment.  None of them responded. “The STOCK Act is intended to prevent public officials from using their office for private gains, period. And unlike other similar laws, this one applies to the president and vice president,” said Brendan Fischer, associate counsel at the nonprofit Campaign Legal Center. DEVELOPING..... 

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