Government Shutdown Exposes Trump's Cluelessness, Again --Black Lives Matter

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Trump. Even leading Republican senators Graham and McConnell implied president may be in way over his head.
Photo: Gage Skidmore-Flickr

Statement from Black Lives Matter Global Network on Government Shutdown:

The #TrumpShutDown does not merely demonstrate that our system is broken. Since we all know that Republicans control the presidency, Senate, and House, it also reveals that the rise of extremism on the right has left the Republican Party incapable of governing ethically and responsibly, and in a way that transcends partisan bias and truly works to benefit all Americans.

This shutdown is costly—to the tune of $6 billion per week. And let’s not forget, the Federal government is the bedrock of the Black DC economy, and while the shutdown continues, 800,000 Federal employees face furloughs and thousands of Black civil servants may go without pay.

While Black people will struggle to make ends meet, a mostly white male legislative body that continues to be paid will attempt to reconcile the demands of our imperialistic defense budget, our xenophobic immigration system, and the basic human support networks in CHIP, Medicare, and DACA protection. It is clear that we cannot trust the wellbeing of the majority of this country to either political party currently in power, and worryingly, the partisan bias and sickening dysfunction in Washington risks prolonging the shutdown.

Our inability to provide basic services and treat all people with common decency rips the facade off the myth of the so-called American dream. The realities that many Americans face are simply not consistent with the values and ideals we espouse as all-American—that is, freedom, economic stability, and the betterment of people’s lives.

As Black people in the United States of America, we demand our leaders pass a clean DACA, cease any racist fueled movements toward building the wall, and reach a compromise to end the destructive #TrumpShutDown. We demand our leaders act with the well-being of all people in the United States in mind, not just their own biased interests.

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