Inadequate: Elected Leaders and IRC Condemn Trump's Order Halting Children-Snatching Policy He Started

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Trump. President Zero after signing the Executive Order halting the child-snatching regime of his "zero tolerance" immigration policy. 

After more than 2,300 children were ripped from their families as undocumented immigrants crossed the borders into the United States since May, President Trump finally abandoned the inhumane regime that has been condemned universally including by Amnesty International.

Even Republican lawmakers sensing how repugnant the policy was had been working with Democrats to resolve the matter by voting on new bills. 

Today Trump signed an executive order that will stop the separation of children from their parents. Under the order children will be detained together with their parents until proceedings are over. The order however does not make any provisions for the thousands of children already ripped from their parents. 

“Donald Trump created a crisis with his new policy of detaining children and then claimed he needed Congress to solve it," said Rep. Nydia M. Velázquez (D-NY). "Today, he signed an insufficient Executive Order, saying he's solved the problem. The Administration’s cruelty and heartlessness is rivaled only by its inconsistency. More importantly, for children ripped from their parents, the trauma remains and for families separated there is no guarantee of reunification.  Going forward, alarmingly, this Executive Order means that, at best, families will now be detained together. Children will potentially remain for the long term in prison-like conditions. We should be working to see families released together, not detained. Donald Trump’s entire zero tolerance policy must be reversed and we cannot rest until families are back together.”

New York City Council Member Jumaane D. Williams said: "The Trump administration's executive order does nothing to fix the humanitarian crisis at our border, and does nothing to reunite the thousands of children ripped from their families, or as Trump referred to them, animals, as they flee danger and hardship in pursuit of a better life, or as Trump said, 'to infest our country.' This is not an acceptable solution. The Republicans who wholeheartedly support the President and the Democrats who have played politics are to blame for dehumanizing those most in need while feeding into Trump's bigotry and xenophobia, and so must push back against this fascist and fledgeling Nazi regime. New York stands strong with our immigrant communities, and will not be party to this atrocity. We must be a sanctuary city, a sanctuary state, and stand in fierce opposition to Donald Trump and his allies as they target the most vulnerable among us."

The International Rescue Committee's Hans Van de Weerd, Vice President, U.S. Programs, said: “The Executive Order signed today is not a solution for families seeking much-needed asylum and does nothing to reunite the thousands of children who have already been separated from their parents at the border. The administration is replacing one form of cruelty with another. The executive order continues the disturbing criminalization of asylum, in a break with the very treaty obligations the United States helped craft after WWII. It proposes detaining children and their families for the length of their proceedings—which can often take many months or over a year—despite obligations to release children promptly."


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