Trumpgate: Is It Manafort as D.C. Insider Says?

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Manafort--ABC news TV screen shot
As Special Counsel Robert Mueller's investigation into the Donald Trump 2016 presidential campaign's alleged collusion with Vladimir Putin's Kremlin heats up, the world awaits to find out who's name is on the sealed indictment that will likely be executed Monday morning in Washington.  
Speculation has been swirling to a fevered pitch all weekend since CNN first reported last Friday evening that a federal grand jury issued a sealed indictment on a yet unnamed suspect in the investigation. That suspect, who will be taken in handcuffs, photographed, fingerprinted, and criminally prosecuted in the next twenty 24 hours is a jarring overture in the early stages of what is likely to be a lengthy and extensive investigation. 
But at all the Washington insider Halloween parties in the nation's capital this weekend, the chatter was exclusively about Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort. 
"It's Manafort," one source told The Black Star News. Although we have not yet confirmed this independently, those in the know in DC believe that Manafort has a large target on his back. 
"Look at the other possibilities, would Mueller lead off with Carter Page or Roger Stone? It seems unlikely. Then your left with Mike Flynn, Jared Kushner and Donald Trump Jr.. Are any of them possible flight risks? That component is the primary qualification to obtain a sealed indictment. So you are left with Manafort, who has the contacts and resources to pull off an escape to Moscow," the source concluded. 
Some reports even indicate that Manafort may have already left the country in late September.
Since Mueller began investigating Trump in May, the Manafort probe has made the most noise. First were reports of noncooperation with the Special Council's office coupled with rumors of presidential pardons looming over Manafort's strange behavior, which ultimately led to a dramatic pre-dawn raid at Manafort's home in Alexandra, Virginia. 
Since the raid, other reports ranging from failing to report being a foreign agent, tax evasion, money laundering and real state fraud have whirled around Manafort.. 
Also, The New York Times reported in September that after the raid of his home, Mueller's office told Manafort that they are planning to indict him.
Update: The New York Times reported Monday October 30 that Manafort has been ordered to surrender.

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