Trump's $1.5 Trillion Christmas Massacre: When Alleged Christians Steal From Poor to Feed Gluttonous Rich

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Trump and GOP's $1.5 trillion gift to rich. Photo: Gage Skidmore-Flickr.

Evil took the high podium in Washington last week.

Donald Trump, like a corrupt caricature of Santa Claus made the gluttonous giveaway of a trillion-and-a-half dollars to the rich when he signed the Republican tax-bill into law before Christmas.

Republicans often tell us about how God-fearing and Christian they are. Have those who commited this shameful robbery ever read Matthew 6:24 which instructs Christians that: “You cannot serve God and money?”

This tax-bill exposes Republicans as nothing more than political prostitutes who serve only their wealthy donors. For, while pretending to care about “family values,” they have enacted a bill that will take food, medicine and other necessary social services from the most vulnerable in America.

On Friday Trump signed a $1.5 trillion tax-bill into law, the most momentous tax-bill in three decades. Trump claims this bill will be a “tremendous thing for the American people.” This is true, if, he means “American people” like himself.

Some have rightly called the Republican tax-bill a “reverse Robin Hood” scheme: stealing from the poor to further enrich the already rich.

In a gratuitous grandstanding event at the White House, we saw Republicans patting themselves on the backs for their national heist. Now they are spinning regular Americans with reassurances that this tax-bill will do such positive things for them, outside of giving them a few extra bucks, in the short term.

They claim with the givebacks the rich will now create jobs for the unemployed. This is utter nonsense as the majority of economists have concluded.

Besides showing us who they really work for, and who they really are beholden too, this bill unmasks Republicans and their “debt reduction” and “fiscally responsible” rhetoric as nothing but jive talk. Republican fiscal values are antithetical to the needs of average Americans. When Republicans say they are against “big government,” what they mean is they are against government when government advances services to anyone, beside their rich bosses.

We should remind these Republicans, and their “conservative Christian” voters that this attitude is in glaring contradiction to stated Christian principles, values and edicts, like 1 Timothy’s 6: 10 admonition that “the love of money is the root of all evil.” Isn’t it clear Republicans are obsequious to those corporate criminals who love money—and who show no reluctance in harming innocent people to get more?

Another piece of scripture Republicans, who claim to be Christians, would do well in remembering is the warning in Proverbs 22:22, which states that a Christian should: “Rob not the poor, because he is poor; neither oppress the afflicted.” Yet that is just what the Republicans and Trump have done.

After this win, Republicans will now be finding crafty ways to argue that we need “entitlement reform.” Social Security, Medicaid, Medicare and these types of programs will now be on the chopping-block—all so that the filthy-rich can have more money to horde. The notion this tax-bill was intended to help all Americans is a lie Republicans are now trying to sell.

Do these folks care that their actions will hurt millions of the poor, elderly and young?

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, 1 in 5 kids lives in poverty in America. We should note: this figure doesn’t accurately reflect just how bad child poverty is. This is due to the government’ figures for what it considers poor.

For example, for a single person to be considered poor that person must make less than $11, 490. And for a family of four to be considered poor that family must earned an income of less than $23, 550.

As always, African-American children will again be adversely affected as these responsible Republicans decimate social programs to give-back over a trillion to their wealthy bosses. Around 40 percent of Black kids now live in poverty. According to the Justice in Aging organization, by “2030 there will be 72 million seniors living in poverty in America.”

Don’t “compassionate” and “Christian conservatives” think that, instead of given a trillion dollars back to the rich, we should be implementing initiatives to make sure America reduces poverty amongst the children and elderly?

During the Presidency of Barack Obama, when he as the nation’s first Black president oversaw an economy that was on its way to potentially being as bad as the Great Depression, Republicans made a lot of noise about “controlling the debt.” But now, just before Christmas, without batting an eye, they have added $1.5 trillion to the debt. All so that the super-rich, like Trump donor-daddy Robert Mercer, can satisfy an ungodly greed and their warped worldview—which says that human beings have zero value, outside of showing that they can make tons of money.

Mercer is someone, along with lackey Steve Bannon, who are obvious supporters of the “alt-right” right-wing racists who descended into Charlottesville this summer, to march in their Nazi regalia. Reportedly, Mercer has made the assertion that America only has Black racists today. This from the man who bankrolls Breitbart News, which propagandizes and preaches prejudice against anyone who isn’t White.

The bedfellows here illustrate a revealing contrariness: so-called Christian Republicans aligning themselves with the rich who care nothing about the concerns of average Americans. Mike Pence says he is a Christian, but there he was clapping and smiling his support of this bill into law, before this Christmas—which will ruin the future Christmases of other Americans.

When one analyzes Republican rhetoric, over and over you see a pattern of them functioning as apologists and activists for the economic interests of the rich. Isn’t this the reason they always fight regulations that curtail the bad behavioral activities of big business and Wall Street?

Why don’t they address the concerns of regular Americans, like they do for the wealthy?

Somehow, they’re always arguing that regulations are hurting business—yet, they won’t talk about how big business does detrimental harm to the livelihood of working people, especially when no one is there to protect the interests of those workers. Why do Republicans refuse to fight big businesses excesses, despite multitudes of examples showing us how lax regulations caused ruin and hardship for many Americans, while leading the country to the brink of financial and environmental disaster?

Didn’t the lifting of the Glass-Steagall Act encourage out-of-control Wall Street speculation that nearly wrecked the economy? Wasn’t the Deep-Water Horizon explosion caused by irresponsibly laxed regulations that jeopardizes the health and well-being of the public-at-large?

Again, let’s remember the Republican’s talk-point of “debt reduction,” which they conveniently forgot while voting for this bill. When President Obama was trying to take measures to stop the bleeding, brought on by the bad conduct of the greedy masters of the universe on Wall Street, Republicans often objected with protestations of “where are we going to get the money from?”

But they sure found money to kickback to their rich donors before Christmas, didn’t they?

If Republicans really cared about cutting down the debt, why didn’t they pay down that $1.5 trillion towards debt reduction? If they really believed things are as bad as they were saying, wouldn’t that have been the more fiscally responsible thing to do? Of course, Republicans and Trump are now engaged in the spin that the recent improvements in the economy has everything to do with the, supposed, brilliant leadership, in this first year of scandal after scandal, of Donald Trump—and not by the actions of President Obama and Democrats.

Republicans are now enjoying their holiday after they have stuck it to regular Americans with this greedy, grab-bag giveaway to the rich.

They have just legislated hardship on the poorest Americans. And the worst part is: many who say they are Christians have co-signed their approval of this abominable legislation that will benefit wealthy Americans alone.

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