White House Frathouse -- Letting Trump Be Trump

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Trump and Scaramucci. The Mooch didn't check whether the love was reciprocal. Photo-Twitter.

The quick exit of the vulgar Anthony Scaramucci as White House communications director only after 10 days is symptomatic of a presidency that never should have been and one in utter disarray.

Now, by having all White House appointees report to retired Gen. John Kelly his new chief of staff Donald Trump is finally admitting he doesn't know how to run the United States of America and he needs a competent grownup in charge.

Scaramucci said what the nation needed was more Donald Trump. Let "Trump be Trump." Even Trump thought to himself -- "this guys crazier than even me" and picked up the phone and called the general -- like a weak beleaguered president inviting a friendly "coup."

An incompetent president can survive if he or she is willing to admit to their inadequacies and getting help. Nothing Trump has done so far in his life suggests he has the discipline it takes -- to rise to the occasion. He needs constant attention like a vampire needs blood.

Obama, like most of us, predicted Trump would never be president. Obama gave the correct and simple reason why Trump should've been disqualified -- he lacks the temperament.

Trump won even after: he showed woeful ignorance of global affairs for someone who would be commander-in-chief, in charge of the world's most powerful military and custodian of the secret codes to the country's nuclear arsenal; he had no knowledge or plan as to how he would run the country beyond the promises to repeal-and-replace Obamacare, cut taxes for wealthy corporate America from 35% to 15%, ban Muslim immigrants, and build a wall between the borders of the U.S. and Mexico; in public comments, he repeatedly encouraged Russia to hack into his rival Hillary Clinton's server--which was in itself egregious, even if at the time the extent of an alleged improper relationship between his campaign and Russia was unknown; he was heard in a taped conversation boasting about sexual assaults on women; he showed he was not even a good businessman when asked about his M.O. of routinely declaring bankruptcy resulting in the loss of billions of dollars by investors, by smugly remarking that the investors he dealt with weren't "angels" anyway; he refused to release his financial records after repeatedly lying that he would do so; he insulted Mexicans as drug dealers and murderers; he incited hatred towards immigrants generally; he exacerbated racism in this country and emboldened White supremacists and neo-Nazis by encouraging supporters at his campaign rallies to attack the few Black people that attended and by selecting the Alt-right hero Steve Banon to run his campaign; he repeatedly launched personal attacks against fellow Republican candidates, diminishing the political discourse even farther by, for example, insulting Carly Fiorina over her looks --consistent with his sexism-- and claiming Senator Ted Cruz's father was involved in the assassination of President Kennedy; and, the list goes on, as readers know.

Obama could see that lacking discipline Trump would not be able to: control his maniacal impulsive tweets that disrupts policy and planning and even exposes classified information; and even more critically, Trump would not be able to select a cabinet or appoint competent professionals to run the White House and be willing to stay out of their way.

But then again does the nation really want Trump to get out of Trump's way? For as long as Trump remains president, barring impeachment, if Kelly's presence --depending on how long he survives-- can ensure that Trump won't get us into an accidental major war by ordering an attack on North Korea shouldn't Trump be allowed to be Trump?

If he was not as erratic with the twitter outbursts and the attacks on his own Attorney General and members of Congress, and special counsel Bob Mueller, does that mean that the GOP would have a better chance to fulfill their disastrous agenda such as killing Obamacare and cutting corporate taxes to 15%.

Hmm. Could it be that the Mooch was actually on to something when he said the nation is better off by letting Trump be Trump?

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