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Professionally, Nataki Kambon has created transformed dozens of microenterprises, solo-entrepreneurships, and visionaries into profitable self-sustaining enterprises. Through her 17 year tenure as a consultant, Nataki has had the opportunity to help a range of clients generate $231,000,000+ in additional revenue. She notes that in 17 years and business successes, none of her clients have been Black.  She has helped licensed professionals, commercial contractors, retailers, medical facilities, virtual companies, and even rocket scientists from lifestyle businesses into successful realize personal and professional goals of financial independence.Personally, Nataki gives back to the community through activism. She is active and vocal on a range of issues facing the Black community. She is a passionate public speaker on topics including community organizing, small business best practice, and economic empowerment. As a lifelong health-conscious vegan/vegetarian who has never tasted meat, she is outspoken about diet and health in the Black community. In her free time, she engages as an organizer and speaker and vegan chef at local and national health events. She is also passionate about environmental justice and sustainability. She is an active representative of several cultural and empowerment organizations.In 2014 Nataki was appointed as the spokesperson for the Let's Buy Black 365 Black Economic Empowerment Movement, “Where Change Makes Sense”. Since then she has been an invited guest on dozens of radio programs, national conferences and a served as a liaison for national and international partnerships. It is her personal mission within the LetsBuyBlack365 movement to “shift the self-esteem of every individual so he or she can recognize that they are not powerless. In your hands, you hold the power to change the condition of Black people throughout the Diaspora just by changing how and where you spend your money.” In 2017, she was nominated for a 2017 Black Power Award in the category of Economics for her work with Let's Buy Black 365.

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